Wednesday, May 1, 2013

All set for Thursday!

Everything is all set for the FIRST Ithaca STXC event!  A few things to remember:

- Registration will open at 5:30, look for the blue tent.
- Course will be marked, please register first!
- BOTH A and B classes will race at the SAME TIME (two events for EACH category per night!)
- A's will start first, B's will follow 30 seconds behind
- First race will start at 6:30 and last approximately 35 minutes
- Racers will count their own laps
- Second race will go at approximately 7:30 (or so...); listen for the whistle
- Costs $10 for adults and $5 for those 18 and under
- Bring your competitive spirit but we're out there to have FUN first and foremost
- Prizes will be drawn from our AWESOME sponsors!


Remember to support the sponsors that support the Ithaca STXC races!

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