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Ithaca Short Track Cross-Country (STXC) races are all about having FUN while racing your mountain bikes.  Courses will most likely vary slightly each week, but will consist of a combination of two-track and singletrack.  Each race day will consist of two races, varying in length from 25-40 minutes.

There will be two categories (A's and B's) and each category will race at the same time on the same course.  (A's will most likely start 30 seconds-ish in front of the B's.)  Racers will count their own laps, with the number of laps announced at the beginning of each race.

Format is loose; again, the goal is to have fun.

Cost is $10 per night, which will get you two short track races and a great workout. 

Here's a sample video of what STXC looks like!

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